Architecture and Engineering


Planning and Programming

Technical Review

Architectural Design

Engineering Design

Interior Design and Space Planning

Inspections and Facility Assessments

Demolition/Decommissioning Design

Construction Administration

LEED/Sustainable Design Services

Building Automation


We bring over 45 years of architectural and engineering design experience in nearly all types of buildings/facilities. Our staff includes licensed architects and engineers with extensive planning and design experience. Types of facilities designed to date include:

  • Office and mixed use buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Laboratory and research facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Warehouse and storage buildings
  • K-12 and higher education facilities
  • Public safety and correctional facilities
  • Transportation/Transit facilities
  • Residential, including multi-family and affordable housing
  • Dormitories and barracks
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Data Centers
  • Secure buildings/facilities
  • LEED certified buildings

Facility Management and Operation


Base and Range Operations

Facilities O&M

BAS Preventive Maintenance

Needs Assessments and Audits

Project Management

Staff Augmentation

IT support and staffing

Research and Development


Our experience providing facility management and program support services is extensive. Following are the types of facilities we have managed and operated to date.

  • Research and development facilities and laboratories
  • Firing ranges, including the largest indoor firing range in the United States
  • Training facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Military bases
  • Parks and recreational areas, including forestry management and support
  • Experience with secure facilities worldwide

Construction Management


Construction Management/Administration

Owner’s Representation

Specialty Construction Services

Start-up and Commissioning


Our construction services capabilities include construction support services such as QA/QC, safety and construction admin/management services. In addition, we provide specialty construction services including design-build services, building envelope and building commissioning services. Types of services provided include:

  • Construction quality assurance/control
  • Construction safety
  • Design-build services
  • Environmental construction
  • Building systems maintenance, repair and upgrades
  • Commissioning and TAB services
  • Decommissioning and demolition
  • SWM/ESC design and inspection services
  • Facility maintenance and operation
  • Construction inspection and testing

Environmental Compliance and Remediation


Technical and guidance support

Regulatory compliance and permitting

Public health risk management

Energy use and efficiency

Hazardous waste management

Site characterization and risk Assessment

Remediation and restoration

Sustainability management

Emergency response and management

Environmental training


We provide a full range of environmental management, training, compliance and remediation services. We have experience providing these services throughout the United States and in over 160 countries to date.. Types of services provided include:

  • Program support and program development
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Multi-media facility audits
  • Hazardous materials program support
  • Environmental Assessments (EA)/Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Risk assessment/risk management
  • Data system development
  • EMS development and implementation
  • Energy use analysis and mitigation
  • Combustion and refrigerant air emissions
  • Hazardous waste management
  • HazMat and hazard communication
  • UST/AST management and compliance
  • Stormwater management
  • Site characterization
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Building decommissioning
  • MMRP services
  • Monitoring and O&M services
  • Waste management and minimization

Policy and Program Support


Guidance and Policy Support

Scientific Research, Analysis and Review

Program Management/Support

Staff Augmentation


We can help any agency realize cost savings and maximize mission readiness by providing the full range of policy and program support services ranging from policy analysis and development; scientific research, development and technology transfer; document management; and staff augmentation (project management, administrative, IT, technical staff). Some examples include:

  • Program management and implementation support
  • Development of models, protocols, issue papers and technical guidance
  • Cost/benefit analysis of policies, regulations, and program initiatives
  • Public comment and response process management
  • Support of risk assessment and risk management decision making
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Surveys of technology use
  • Technical, regulatory, and markets research and analysis
  • Development of technical and regulatory guides and handbook
  • Scientific Peer Review Support
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Program management/operational support
  • Database/systems management

Environmental Management, Occupational Safety and Health


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services

Radiation Safety

Construction Safety

Environmental Program Support

Food Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Training

OSH Outreach and Communications

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response


We provide comprehensive occupational safety and health services – coordinated by experienced professionals – to help clients anticipate, evaluate, and control potential workplace health hazards.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Program analysis and management
  • Identifying and evaluating special equipment, devices, software programs or tools
  • Workplace safety and health training, including Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
  • Conduct assessments and sampling in compliance with OSHA, NIOSH, ASHRAE, and ACGIH standards
  • Food safety surveys, loss prevention support
  • On-site safety and health program staffing